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4 reasons why BGM foods should be your go-to seafood supplier

The Asian specialist

BGM foods has more than a decade of experience building an extensive (sea)food network across the South and Southeast Asian regions. Welcome to our backyard.

Wide array of products

We work across a multitude of countries to source a wide variety of products for our partners. That allows you to diversify your supply sources as well as your product range.

Customized to your needs

At the heart of our company is our service mind: we aim to tailor our solutions to your needs. Whether it's part of our existing product catalogue or not, we've likely got you covered.

One stop shop for quality

One of our key strengths is our deep integration: from catching / farming to processing to shipping, BGM provides end-to-end services and quality control for our partners.

Welcome, we are BGM foods

Since 2009, BGM foods has supplied partners from the Europe to Japan and anywhere in between. Our core focus lies in caught and farmed seafood, with key strengths in cephalopod, shrimp, fresh and salt-water fish, semi and value-added products. Want to know how we can help you source seafood products?


We value quality and proudly adhere to global standards of production